About Us

Leaning Willow is a small business based out of Russellville, Arkansas. We've grown our business to ship across the country but still offer a unique collection of products you can't find anywhere else. We've been open since 2011, and have a new owner, Aryn Merritt. Aryn is 29 years old, has a fashion degree, and is from the area. She was as ready to move back home and owning a boutique was always a dream for her. She worked at Leaning Willow in the summers in college, so the business has been in her life since it opened. When the sale of the business became available, she jumped at the opportunity to become the new owner. Leaning Willow has always been a quirky, fun store with a very friendly environment. Aryn wanted to stay true to its roots, the business she fell in love with in the first place. We've created friendships with customers near and far, and are always excited to extend the Leaning Willow experience!